How We Make Our Soap

Each small batch of artisanal organic milk soap is crafted right here on the farm. Of course it all starts with our award winning, USDA-certified organic whole milk soap, pulled fresh from our bulk tank. 

Next we gather our other farm grown organic ingredients. Meaning hand-cutting alfalfa and purple bounty vetch from the fields, collecting peonies from the garden, wildflowers from our flower beds, and clover from the pastures. We have a lot of meaningful beauty on the farm- inspiration is everywhere! Each ingredient we mix into our soap has a significant purpose on our farm- nourishing our animals and protecting the environment. It's more than soap.

We are picky about which fatty acids we add to our soap; we want a good cleansing bar which also moisturizes your skin.

Our milk is mixed with the sodium hydroxide, and then added to our fatty acids. Once we reach trace, we add the aromatic and exfoliant ingredients (the exciting part!) before pouring into the molds.

After 24 hours (hard to wait sometimes!) we unmold our soap loaves and cut into our signature bars. 

Next, the really hard part- waiting the six weeks for the soap to cure. After what seems like forever (only half kidding), our bars are packaged and ready for shipping. 

It is recommended you use your bars of soap within 1 year of purchase, and keep the bars dry when not actively using to preserve them. 

From our farm to your family, enjoy!!

- Thank you from all of us at TFF

Stephanie Tranel