Meet Our Soaper

Hey all!

  I'm Steph Tranel, married to my best friend (Travis), mom of five kids, city girl turned farm-wife, adventure lover, and always on the look out for new hobbies to pick up or skills to learn. 

I often find myself thinking about how it all worked out-usually while I'm in my organic vegetable, wild flower, and pollinator gardens- how a city girl finds herself in the middle of American's Heartland amongst acres and (many!) dairy cows. 

I love to cook, especially to create delicious meals right out of our garden. I enjoy all DIY, from growing ingredients to knitting the kids' winter scarves to rewiring new light fixtures in our farm house. While thinking of more ways to contribute to our family, and our farm, I thought- why not soap? We all use soap everyday, multiple times a day, really. As a mom of five I intentionally pick out what I feed my children, how I clothe them, but never really considered how I was cleaning them. As we all become more aware of the ingredients in our food, beauty products, and cleaning supplies, doesn't it make sense to also focus on our hygienic products? 

Google the synthetic components that make up retail/large manufacturers' soap-it is a long list-and you may not like some of the ingredients. 

I wanted to create something for my family out of the organic resources we produce daily, farm fresh milk, along with the beautiful herbs, flowers, and crops. A product that I knew was simple, yet effective. We didn't need all those synthetic preservatives in our soap- I just wanted to clean myself and family with a soap that has ONLY the ingredients we NEED to get clean-but also looked good and smelled great. Bonus- by using the resources we were already creating, we have evolved sustainable organic farming into sustainable organic milk soap-making.... beneficial for our environment! 

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